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Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Thirteen Things That Inspired Me Today

In no particular order

1. My 5 year old daughter Courtnay singing at the top of her lungs to "When the Night Feels My Song" by Bedouin Soundclash.

2. Taylor Hicks, the Newest American Idol. Yaaaaaaayyyyyy Soul Patrol!

3. Purchasing the coolest Birthday Present for my 3 year old...the Six Flags Three in One Activity Slide/Pool. Imagining the look on her face when she opens the gift inspired me!

4. I have just been employed with Child and Family Services, and the thought of working with foster children inspired me to redeem my Airmiles for free movie passes.

5. A kind man who was hearing impaired and down on his luck wanted to give me a pen in exchange for a donation. I gave him $10.00 and told him to keep the pen. He inspired me to always be generous.

6. Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom inspired me to Tackle it Tuesday, and clean an area of my house that I've been procrastinating about for ages, even though it isn't Tuesday today.

7. My husband inspired me to count my blessings today. He gave me time to myself on the computer while he took the two girls out for a walk to the Bird Sanctuary, a place we all love.

8. My 23 year old sister was preapproved for a mortgage today! She made me so proud!

9. My husband who weighs 140 lbs soken wet forgot his lunch today, which inspired me to bring him a Big Mac and Supersized fries to work so he doesn't whittle away!

10. Stuart Little inspired me in "Call of the Wild 3" when he single handedly took on the beast in the forest and won! He taught me that even when the odds are against you, anything is possible!

11. My Nanny inspired me today. She agreed to subscribe to Lifeline even though she really doesn't want it. She inspired me to have humility, and grab life by the tail!

12. I tried on last years bathing suit, which inspired me to consider rejoining weight watchers (I am not a lifetime member, but have been a member for life).

13. My 5 year old inspired me to enjoy life. She pranked me by hiding in the closet today, jumped out at me which made me hit the roof. (Her favorite show is Prank Patrol)

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